ZOTAC ZBOX’s Passive Cooled Nano Computers For Sale. They are perfect and are out of the way…

We are selling discount computers with a nano form factor. You can hide them somewhere out of the way and not have your BBS get in the way of the rest of your life. We use several of these same makes and models in our server hosting so we can attest that these are some seriously fun kit. Not to fast, not too slow, just right. We are selling these things from our eBay accounts.

We specialise in the hard to find communications kit

From modems to analogue telephone adaptors, to serial adaptors, to usb to serial cables, to nano computers that give you very small and out of the way computers to host your bulletin board system without the clutter of full scale desktop systems.

KANSIT.com Sponsors BBS Day 2025

We are in partnership with PHATstar in providing great prizes to be given out next BBS DAY!! BBS Day is on February 18th, 2025

KANSIT.com’s Fresh Website Design

We have had a problem with another web host and so we’ve transitioned to another provider. It is both less expensive, faster data transfer, offers system backups, and the whole system is meant to make web design a simplified process. We are adding the capability to buy direct from our website host using PayPal payment methods. Welcome to the fresh and new website of KANSIT.com: Kansas Information Technology.