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Jonathan Justvig, foundeR,

KANSIS Information Technology

Based out of wichita, KANSAS

"Bringing vintage computing to the modern world"

A bit about me, where to start.  Well, I come from a family that adopted
me in.  Feeling somewhat distant from the world and how I’ve adapted to
accepted.  Since I was a youngin’, I’ve always had a nack for anything
that is related to computers.  I started with a TRS-80 that my dad
brought home one day and remember just hopping on it and starting to
learn how to type, load appplications and later on even learned a little
about programming.  With all that, I upgraded to a Commodore 64/128
then to my suprise a Sony IBM compatiable computer where I feel further
in love with technology.  I then had a computer of my own.  I was a bit
onry when I was that young, able to take it apart and unplugged the
locking wiring that my dad had locked because he was upset that I was up
late.  I had and still do, have a thinking for vintage bulletin boards.
I ran a part-time BBS while I was at school.  It was an usual for a kid
at my age then for applications with a copy of photo/driver licenses
sent to my parent’s house.  Yet, I still plugged away, learning as much
as I could.  Running part-time BBSes lasted until finally in 2009 when
I started a Synchronet BBS and met a large mass of people on-line.  I
recently started that BBS back up, having to build it from the ground
up I look forward to adding in my own message and file network to it
called WhisperNet as well as Fidonet and another creative of my own
called ChristNet.  Additionally, I have to say I’m a Christian because
I believe in Him and value and won’t put Him aside for any reason.  I
worked many jobs in the past, one of them I can say in particular is
Long John Silvers back in the 90s and wouldn’t you know it I was welcomed
back with open arms today and I start back to work as cook.  Also, I
am working towards a CompTIA A+ and Networking+ certificate to further
my studies.  The class schedule will be on-line and I will be learning
more from home and in hope to it all futher my business aspect in my
life to help further my business here at KANSIT LLC.  I hope to gather
more and more clients that I can call my friends with.  Just drop me
an e-mail at jjustvig@kansit.com with your BBSing needs and with some
motivation and a little charge, I can help you get your BBS running,
add mods to it and maintain it.  Just let me know what you need.  I
hope to hear from you soon!

Jon Justvig