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We can help you with your IT Technical Support requirements, in the form of subscriptions to mentoring and general consulting. We have advanced knowledge of remote technical support and we offer our services listed below that goes through the PayPal payment processor using VISA/MC/Interac.

Mentoring: A friend at your side to make your technical support dreams a reality; we're here to help you, at your side, making Your desires move from thoughts to something real, something that you can call your own. This thing that we're offering you is your chance to pick the brains of an expert in the textmode computing scene. He can make your tech dreams a fun reality...

We specialise in hardware to allow vintage technology be functional in new, modern day computer technology. These items include POTS Fax/Modems, Serial to USB cables, upgrading older systems to modern components. We have components that are backwards compatible so that the speed increase will be significant, even in older computers. An example of this is the upgrade of SSD storage and RAM memory. We use the eBay service to sell our physical products. They offer conflict resolution functionality and they offer a look at other sellers product selections so that you can know that you're getting the best deal.

DTECH 10' USB to Serial Cable
US Robotics 56k v90 v92 External Serial FAX/Modem
ORICO 2.5" Transparent USB Enclosure
CablesToGo RJ-11 POTS Analog Phone Cable
StarTech RS-232 Adaptor for External Modems
NETGEAR 8-port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch
GrandStream HT802 Analog Telephone Adaptor
Zotac ZBOX CI320 Mini PC Passive Cooled
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