Questions and Answers

A comprehensive compilation of items that are considered by our customers:

The majority of the systems that we prepare for production are running the Mystic BBS software, and we can assist with Synchronet boards as well.

Installation, Repair, “Door” Games, Echomail, External Services, Artwork, File Systems, External Protocols, Documentation, Instant Messaging, Scripting, Best Practices, and Connection to Remote Game and File Servers.

This depends on what exactly we are hired to do for you, however a rough estimate is completion within 72 hours, some things in as little as a day to fulfill.

This company is run by Jonathan Justvig, a sysop and echomail network founder.  He has been in the BBS scene for the past decade.  This corporation is a dream job for Jonathan, this scene is a passion of his, not just another day at the office.  He will treat you well and try to find the best solution for your requirements.

We support both Linux (DEB and RPM) and Microsoft Windows.  The optimal operating system that we support is Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives.

We offer self-hosting (on your own home computer) or hosting on a vServer.  The vServer’s specs are: 2 vCores, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 400 Mbit @ $15 USD/month.

If you need someone to come along beside you to help set up the more complicated configurations that relate to BBS systems then we can give you one-on-one training.  Situations that would potentially need such assistance would be setting up door games and echomail networks.

Yes.  We offer very sophisticated file recovery to bring back your BBS that you had running “back in the day,” on a hard drive that has had better days.  We can not guarantee file recovery in all circumstances, but we’re using the best software in the business.  We may also serve you in retreiving files for other non-BBS related work.

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