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Jonathan Justvig

United States of america

Wichita, Kansas

Unlike other bulletin board services offered by our competition, we offer you a package of mentoring you, from initial install to massive modifications.  So its not by hour that you pay, but rather you pay a flat fee for mentoring and you will get someone to stand right beside you, be with you while you overcome issues, and literally anything you might find that you need help with, Jonathan can guide you to the most optimal solution.



PHATstar Society Architect

Graduate of A+ Technician, Network+ Network Fundamentals, Security+ Fundamentals, and Google/Coursera IT Technical Support Fundamentals. Author in Part of Textmode Magazine's "Echomail Networks" book.

Jonathan Justvig

KANSIT.com Founder and CEO

C++ Coder, BBS Sysop, Echomail Network Admin and Support, Mentor to Those in The BBS Scene. BBS Door author of Legion RPG.

The PHATstar Society

Outsourcing to PHATstar so if Jonathan is Having Issues With a Project There is a Society Behind Him to Support When Needed

We are a Society that seeks to help people with the use of technology to better their lives. We are a private society and recruit on our own terms. We are not public but act behind the scenes to get good works done. We offer consulting services

KANSIT.com Development

We are your present day Textmode design house, saving you time and headaches.  We are there for you when you want it, Jonathan is an expert in this field.  He's a pleasant person who has a real love for Textmode Computing.


Hello World!

We've Become a New Startup

We have ventured out, seeking a challenge, and filling a void. We are daring to make a textmode-releated business in 2018. We are currently the only game in town in terms of Bulletin Board System mentoring and technical support.


Kansas, USA

First Work!

Consulting by PHATstar Society

KANSIT.com and PHATstar.net are working together to make sure that whatever problem you may encounter will have someone out of all of us that can resolve your issue.


New Office, CA

22000 SSH / 23 TELNET

whq.kansit.net Demo Site Online

With the help of Luciano (Enzo) of Blocktronics, we have created a beautiful demonstration BBS to show off what we can do for you. Luciano did the art, cr1mson (Jonathan Justvig) did the serup of door games and echo networks, while warmfuzzy did the programming/setup of the Mystic software making it massively modded.


The Scene

Let’s Celebrate

Steady Work; Being Useful

We have done advertising on the web, on BBSes, and on echomail networks to sell our fine quality products and services. It is going well. We have found our niche that will benefit the BBSing community and make for a better experience in the BBS Scene for many sysops, mentoring those who would like a helping hand.


Going, Going, Gone Global

WordPress For The Win!

Fresh New Website Development

We have sourced out a top quality WordPress host that will be serving all of our e-commerce needs. It is fast, stable, and inexpensive. "warmfuzzy" of PHATstar has done up the web hosting design.


The Internet

KANSIT.com is Providing Brand New Kit For The 2025 BBS Day Prize Draw: Modem Kit ATA Devices Backup SSD Drives

Our Introductory Video is Available Below. It gives some insight into what we are doing here at KANSIT.com. Our slogan is quite accurate: "bringing vintage technology to the modern world," as that is what we're doing here, and having fun doing it. Its good times here. We would be honoured to help you out with your BBS or Textmode Computing project that you have on the go or would like created.



"Bringing Vintage Technology to The Modern World" (TM)

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Kansas, United States of America

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