Flex’s POTS Dial-up Network

A friend of mine runs the most advanced dial-in network that is active in the present day. It’s a system where people can use their old technology to access many dozens of bulletin board systems. So a person dials into the gateway, from that gateway they select which bulletin board that they’d like to connect to, and voila!! they’re connecting at 33.6k to modern day BBS systems. Even modern day VOIP analogue telephone adaptors can work with modem signals when using an uncompressed codec. In my opinion this is amazing. When I’m out in the woods where there is phone connections but no Internet service this would allow me to keep in touch with the world, and do it with style. Also, full on nostalgia is a part of this adventure. Just try to imagine a system that hosts more than fifty BBSes, allowing people to access the board of their choice without long distance charges would be a total game changer. This is some really cool awesome tech. Thank you Flex! So how does this relate to KANSIT.com? We sell the GrandStream HT802 2-Line Analogue Telephone Adaptor, which includes an uncompressed codec that allows data signals to transverse the 64 kilobit bandwidth of a phone connection with a high ratio of data transfer to unused data space. Check out our store to pick up one of these adaptors.

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