KANSIT.com Data Recovery Services

We have a very effective system to recover dead and dying drives, to get what data we can off of it before it becomes completely bricked.  We use a house blend of LINUX applications and the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.  The tools are state-of-the-art.  One USB drive has been recovered such that all the files were recovered on a near-dead and failing stick.  Most of our work here is the backup of larger drives such as hard disk drives.  You will be given the option of what kind of computer memory you will have your data to be backed up on.  Some people prefer their stuff to be saved a a USB Flash Drive or a solid state drive (SSD), depending mostly on how much data there is to be recovered.  Our system works by reading data of your drive in short bursts.  It builds up “pictures” of data piece by piece making puzzle pieces that are reconstructed from fragments to a full working image of your drive.  It can read data forward, backwards, using many multiple seeks of data, just hammering away at it until the data is revealed.